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CDB/LOBMaster is a DB2 Utility introduced to simplify maintenance of LOBs in DB2 for z/OS. Instead of having to set up and run four different utilities (CHECK DATA, CHECK INDEX, CHECK LOB, REORG) to maintain a LOB, all that is required is to run an Online Reorg. Automatic checking of LOB validity and correction when possible means that no extra utilities need to be run. CDB/LOBMaster requires no SORT WORK space and no FLASHCOPY to execute. All rows or LOBs in error can be unloaded to a sequential file and discarded from the TS. All this is performed while all objects remain in RW throughout the entire REORG process.

CDB/LOBMaster detects errors in the LOB at the beginning of processing and when possible corrects them. LOBMaster will also unload all the LOBs of whatever size for a Base Tablespace row, in a format suitable for LOAD while all unload files are dynamically allocated.


CDB/LOBMaster was designed specifically for Big Data. With this in mind, new sophisticated processing techniques were required to read and write large amounts of data at incredible speeds.

Ease of Use

While DB2 requires expert use of four different Utilities to process a LOB Reorg: CHECK INDEX, CHECK LOB, CHECK DATA and REORG. LOBMaster does all this in a single pass of the data during processing. There is no need to set up or run any extra processes, reducing implementation time for LOB applications.

  • High Speed all in one utility for LOB data management
  • Automatic checking of LOB validity and automatic correction
  • Report option tells how much DASD can be reclaimed
  • Discard processing includes the LOB data in LOAD ready format
  • No SORT Work space or FLASHCOPY required
  • Simple and easy to use for quicker LOB implementation
Key Benefits
  • Extreme speed to handle Big Data challenges
  • Replaces the need for Check IX, Check Data, Check LOB for LOB Management
  • Non-Correctible errors are reported and processing stopped before causing issues
  • Dynamic Allocation of files eliminates any set up time
  • Reduction of resources
  • Easy to use so no extensive knowledge of LOBs required
  • Reduces implementation of LOB applications
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